Sipping Rooibos on a cold wintry day will not only keep you warm, but its unique combination of antioxidants will give your immune system a boost to help fend off colds and flu, making it the perfect winter companion.

Here’s why Rooibos makes an excellent winter cuppa:

Antioxidant-rich: Rooibos is packed with polyphenols, which are micronutrients with antioxidant activity. Polyphenols act as scavengers of free radicals throughout the body, which are detrimental by-products of cell metabolism that can cause inflammation. Rooibos will help to boost immunity offering protection against colds and flu, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other metabolic conditions. 

Combats inflammation: Herbal tisanes promote a healthy inflammatory response. Inflammation in the body increases naturally in cold weather leading tissues in the body to expand, but drinking Rooibos can help relieve excess inflammation thereby promoting healing. 

Warms you up: Being exposed to the cold places the body under stress, which weakens the immune response. Drinking a warm cup of Rooibos can help the body regain heat that has been lost to the environment, putting it in a better position to fend off infection. 

Provides healthy hydration: Unlike black tea, coffee and energy drinks that all contain caffeine, which deplete the body of fluids, Rooibos keeps the body hydrated. When you’re ill, you tend to lose a lot of fluids from sweating and having a raised metabolism as your body increases its internal level of activity to battle infection. Since Rooibos is 100% caffeine-free, it will keep you sufficiently hydrated. Researchers recommend up to six cups of Rooibos a day for maximum benefits.

Mood-enhancing: Researchers have found that frequent tea consumption has a strong linear relationship with reduced rates of depression. One study determined that for every three cups of tea or tisanes consumed a day, the relative risk of depression decreases by 37%. It’s likely that the healthy compounds in tea and tisanes stimulate a positive response in the gut and brain, which improves mood. Similarly, the act of making tea is in and of itself relaxing, which allows us a mental and emotional breather.

Aids sleep: Rooibos also has a calming effect on the body, which could help to alleviate tension and thus promote better sleep, which is essential for getting over a nasty cold. 

To sum it up, Rooibos is an indispensable part of a winter diet and will rejuvenate you inside out.