Famed for its Rooibos, the Cederberg region is equally renowned for its annual show of wild flowers.

After the winter rainfall (May to July), the rugged Cederberg valley rolls out a carpet of wild flowers to usher in spring.

From mid-August to early September, tourists from all over the world flock to the area to see the usually dry landscape transform into a sea of vibrant yellow, orange, purple, pink and white flowers that stretches as far as the eye can see.

The wide variety of flowers found in the Cederberg is because of its mixed landscape of fertile valleys, high mountains, the semi-desert plains of the north, which contrasts the Sandveld region near the coast with its wetter vlei areas.

Wild Flowers

Some species are endemic to the region, such as the yellow Leucospermum reflexum, the Snow Protea (protea cryophylla), blue Lachanaea filamentosa, yellow sparaxis, pink Cyanella alba and the Clanwilliam Cedar (widdringtonia cedarbergensis).

Other indigenous flora, such as gousblomme, vygies, nemesias, lachenalias, babiana and ixias, will also be in full bloom.

So, if you’re looking to get your flower fix this spring, then try one of these hotspots:

  1. The Biedouw Valley, nestled beneath the Biedouw Mountains, is often the mecca for wild flower viewing. It’s also at the heart of the Rooibos industry. In spring, farmers restrict their livestock from grazing in the Biedouw Valley, allowing the flowers to come into full bloom. Other good areas for flower viewing, include the Botterkloof Valley and Nardouwsberg. Contact Clanwilliam Tourism for more info: 027 482 2024
  2. Visit the Ramskop Flower Garden at Ramskop Nature Reserve. The reserve has more than 350 different species of wild flowers and is one of the best venues to view the carpet of blooms. Contact: 083 251 3456
  3. From 25 August to 5 September, the Clanwilliam Wild Flower Society will host the 2022 Clanwilliam Wild Flower Festival at the Dutch Reformed Church in 41 Hoofstraat, Clanwilliam, also dubbed the “Flower Church”.
  4. Alternatively, book a guided Spring Flower Tour:

West Coast Way
072 392 4017

Kettie Travel
0861 321 777

African Travel Getaway
087 551 2837

Since the flower season varies from year to year, it’s best to contact the respective venues to find out when it’s best to book your trip. Lastly, make sure to leave early enough to see the flowers between 11h00 and 15h00 as they close when the sun’s not out.

For more info on other activities that you can do while in the Cederberg, contact the Rooibos Route.