Nowadays people are looking for natural ways to stay young and healthy for longer. Rooibos tea contains a unique blend of antioxidants that is likely to slow down the ageing process by helping to prevent damage caused by excessive free radicals in our bodies.

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that are produced during normal processes in the human body and fulfil an important role in the life cycle of normal cells. However, at excessive levels, free radicals can damage cells and can cause several diseases including arthrosclerosis, diabetes and even cancer.

As we get older, our bodies’ ability to regulate free radicals decrease. Environmental factors such as pollution, sunlight, cigarette smoke and herbicides can also lead to the over production of free radicals.

“This is where the antioxidants in Rooibos can help – they can help to control the excessive production of free radicals by inactivating them before they cause damage,” says Professor Wentzel Gelderblom, a specialist scientist and cancer researcher at South Africa’s Medical Research Council. “But”, he adds, “for a long and healthy life the benefits from Rooibos must be part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle.”

Rooibos is the only known natural source of a unique and potent antioxidant called “aspalathin”, and it also contains the rare antioxidant “nothofagin” along with many other complex substances, known as flavonoids. “We think that it is the mix of flavonoids in Rooibos that protects against the excessive forming of free radicals inside living cells,” Professor Gelderblom explains. “That is why drinking Rooibos as part of a healthy diet is a better idea than taking antioxidants in capsule form.”

Some of the research on the anti-ageing properties of Rooibos has been done in Japan, where Rooibos is also known as – “long life tea”. Although getting older is inevitable, drinking several cups of Rooibos every day may help you stay younger and live a disease-free life for longer.

Rooibos in naturally caffeine free – make it part of your defence against ageing and enjoy it as often as you like.
To learn more about this uniquely South African herb and its diverse uses and benefits, visit www.sarooibos.org.za

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